network marketing leadsIf you are trying to build a successful network marketing business online, then you must know that you cannot succeed without any network marketing leads.  There are so much information online that people get overwhelmed and they over complicate things.  You must learn to use the secret sauce that the top marketers use to generating leads.

Network Marketing Leads are Not Created Equal

All network marketing leads are not created equal and that is why the perfect leads are the ones that you generate on your own.  You create a lead capture page, send targeted traffic to and convert that traffic into to leads.  I want to briefly talk about three different methods on how to generate leads.  The first method is to purchase leads.  I don’t recommend this strategy at all because you are taking a chance on buying old lists, unresponsive lists and most importantly untargeted leads.  The other two methods are paid and free strategies to generating leads.  The only difference between paid and free is that free takes time to get results and with paid strategies you can get instant results overnight.  I want to share with you four free marketing strategies you can use to generate network marketing leads.

Four Free Marketing Strategies you can use to Generate Free Network Marketing Leads

I am going to share with you four free strategies that I use to generate free network marketing leads for my business.  These strategies does not work overnight but if you be consistent and commit to it, you will achieve results in six months are less.

  1. Article marketing is a good way to generate free leads for your business.  It all starts with keyword research and you are on your way.  If you stay consistent and write 1 article a day for the next 90 days, you will see a big spike in leads and traffic.


  1. Blogging and article marketing goes hand and hand to me.  It is so easy to make a blog post and repurpose that post into an article.  Blogging builds a brand for you and it’s another easy way to generate leads for free.


  1. Video marketing is a strategy that most people don’t take the time to bother with.  If you create videos and do your keyword research you can rank on the front page of Google and get massive traffic and leads.


  1. Facebook is a great place to go to find network marketing leads for your business.  There are thousands of people up there and if you set up your sales funnel the correct way, you can generate them as a lead. 

 Turning Traffic into Network Marketing Leads

I have given you four winning strategies on how to generate network marketing leads for your business now you must master how to convert the traffic into leads. The secret sauce to building a successful business online is to build a list, build a relationship with the list and monetize the list.  Most people get caught up on all the technical pieces like how to have good copywriting skills, lead capture pages, email autorepsonders.  If you want fast success, take the help of a marketing system now so that you can get going with earning multiple streams of income, generating leads and sponsoring reps.  You will learn on the technical stuff later. 

Generating Network Marketing Leads is a very important key to building a successful business online.  I recommend using the help of a proven marketing system because it will help you take months of your learning curve.

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