clever containerIf you are reading Clever Container Review then it is obvious that you are interested in finding out more information on the company.  This is a must read article because it will give you all the information you need to decide whether this company is for you.  I am not a distributor with the company and you will be getting an unbiased expert review of the company.  In this review, I will take a look at the company, the compensation plan and what it takes to have success in Clever Container.

Clever Container Review

Clever Container is a home party business that launched back in 2006. The company is a direct sales company.   The company was founded by Jennifer Weaver and Karen Eshebach and it is based in Detroit, MI.  They sell organization products for the home, office, laundry, bath, kitchen and so much more.   The company mission is to help people take care of their lives by providing them with tools and techniques for organizing the world around them.

The details of Clever Container Compensation Plan

To get started as a Clever Container consultant, you pay $149 and you receive $350 of products.  There are three ways to earn commissions and they are selling products, building a team and becoming a leader.  Selling Products commissions starts off with a base of 20 percent of sales.  Once your volume reaches $1,000 the commission increases to 25 percent.  They also have a fast start party bonus, hostess rewards and power seller bonuses that falls under the selling products commission structure.  This allows for increased bonuses.  As you build your team, you can earn a bonus of up to 5% on the sales of your personal sponsored consultants and earn to 4 percent of the sales of people that they sponsor.  You also get rewarded for becoming a leader.  Some of the bonuses include matching advancement bonus and generation bonuses.  On top of that you have the opportunity to get incentives, prizes and win free vacations.  Clever Container has a very strong compensation plan.

Success in Clever Container

Most Clever Container consultants have built and are building their business using offline marketing strategies.  Offline marketing strategies work but they don’t work for a lot of people.   It takes hard work to build a successful business.  What I did not see was the encouragement for consultants to come online to build their business.  The real key to having success in Clever Container is to sponsor more reps into your business.  Most people just try offline marketing strategies and when they run out of friends and family to talk to they fail.  You must turn to the internet so that you can find another warm market of people to share your business with.  The sad part is 95 percent of sponsors don’t have a clue on how to build a successful business online.  There are more advantages because you have the opportunity to share your business with more people.

In conclusion, Clever Container has good products and a good compensation plan.  Offline marketing is old school marketing that works for some people but you have to turn to the internet so that you can reach more people.  The sad thing is, your sponsor might night have the knowledge to help you get started with building a business online. 

Theresa Jordan wrote this Clever Container Review as a Resource for people trying to find out more information on the company. The key to success will be in your ability to sponsor more consultants and turn to the internet so that you can find a new warm market and stop chasing after your friends and family.

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