ASEAIf you are reading this ASEA Review, then it’s obvious that you are trying to find out more information on the company.  I have been hearing a lot of buzz on the company and I wanted to do my own research to see what the company is all about.  In this review, I will be looking at the company, the product, the compensation plan and how to build a successful business in ASEA.

ASEA Network Marketing Company

ASEA is a health and Wellness network marketing company that is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The company was created in 2009 and the founders of the company are Verdis Norton and James Pack.  They have a lot of experience under their belts.

Their product is a nutritional supplement.  The company reports that this product is good for strengthening the immune system, slow down the aging process, protect cells and provide antioxidants.  The product has over 16 years of scientific research that backs up their claims.

ASEA Compensation Plan

You have three ways to join the company.  You can join at the Basic level, the Basic Plus Level and the Builder Express Level. As a distributor for the company, there are seven ways that you can receive a commission check.  They include retail sales, preferred customer bonus, fast start bonus, team commission, director’s bonus, check match and leadership pool.  The company has a binary pay plan  where distributors are required to build two legs to earn commissions.

ASEA Marketing Training & Blueprint for Distributors

In my Asea Research I did find that distributors are giving a Team Asea website but I did not find a marketing blueprint that distributors can use to build their business.  The team website is used to generate leads for your business.  Unfortunately, it takes a bit of skill and knowledge to be able to send high targeted leads to a website.  If you did not know it, company’s replicated websites that are giving to distributors are not effective.  The sad part is 95% of distributors in Asea will fail.  The reason why many people will fail in Asea and in other network marketing companies is because they lack marketing training.  You have to have training to be able to generate leads and sponsor people into your business.

Lack me jump straight to the point.  If you have not been having success with recruiting friends and family in your business opportunity or online,  then it’s time for something new that works.  The first thing is that you have to learn how to be a leader and build a brand for yourself.  People want to do business with leaders.  The second thing that you need to do is to get marketing training on how to build your business using article marketing, video marketing, Web 2.0, Facebook and so much more.  Until you have a mapped out marketing blueprint that guides you step-by-step, you not reach a 5-6 figure monthly income.

In conclusion, the company has a strong management team, a product that people want and a lucrative compensation plan.  If you have joined the company or is thinking about joining the company, it seems to be very solid.  Without marketing training, you will fail like 95% of other network marketers unless you have a plan to beat out your competition.  You will need to have an ASEA marketing blueprint for success.

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